I had just the most horrible day dealing with my garage doors


The Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive is among the best of the garage door opener brands on the market today. What makes this particular garage door opener so special is the fact that it includes a built in battery back up that can make a world of difference during any power outages your area may experience. This battery is rechargeable like a smart phone when power is flowing, but when thereís an outage, itís god for twenty openings over a twenty four hour period before it needs another power boost. If a power outage is truly disastrous and lasts longer than twenty four hours, the system can also be opened manually. The sad thing it’s very rainy outside these days, and my convertable extremely rare BMW with soaked top is getting soaked 😕

Additionally, the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive can be opened remotely, be it through a built in opener or a specialized app on your smart phone. The makers of this opener are well aware that any remote opener can be a security risk given the size of the opening in an otherwise secure house made by an open garage door, and have prepared. The code system that opens the garage door opener is programmed with a rolling code system that frequently changes the exact password of your garageís door with enough regularity to deter all but the most determined intruders.

On top of this, Chamberlain comes with a fifty year warranty and with good cause. The hardware is some of the best on the open market, from the lights to the wall control panel. The actually gears and springs in the openerís belt system are among the quietest available. Based on the design of steel belted tires, the Chamberlain has flexible steel cords built into it, allowing it to lift the heaviest doors while making next to no noise in the process. However, all these amazing features do come at a premium and the Chamberlain does cost more than a cheaper, less reliable garage door opener system. Still, by way of quality and durability, there are almost no systems quite as good as the Chamberlain.

The Liftmaster 8550 Elite series is another well regarded garage door opener and among the few that can openly compete with Chamberlainís top shelf models. The system employs an incredibly quiet æ horse power motor to lift both standard sectional doors as well as gatehouse style doors. The system is a belt system, employing a similar steel cord laced belt system as the Chamberlain to allow for a quieter opening system, devoid of the screeching and grinding of a chain fed system that many home owners find incredibly aggravating. This relatively quiet system works great for home owners who are sensitive to noise or who have garages close to where their bedrooms or other places they would like to keep as quiet as possible are.

The system also includes an automatic garage door closing system that will automatically close the door behind you after a set period of time. The timer to close function includes three preset times; one minute after the door is opened, five minutes after the door is opened or a full ten minutes after the door is opened, after which it will close the door unless it is told to open again, be it through the keyless entry system or wall panel. The system can also be programmed for a customized time for the door to close, be it a simple number like eleven minutes or all the way up to ninety nine minutes and everything in between. While this can become a safety hazards, cautious home owners can avert the worst of the risks and these systems can be a great boon for people who frequently forget to close the garage door behind them.

The Liftmaster 8550 Elite also comes with a single remote opening system, which is often times one of the downsides for most users of garage door openers as one is very seldom enough. Still, some home owners make one opener work. Additionally, unlike many comparable systems, the Liftmaster 8550 Elite does not come with a keyless entry system. And, for those who can tolerate these shortcomings, the warranty on the system is quite generous to the tune of fifty years for most of the system, save for the battery. The battery has a one year warranty, which is fairly standard for equipment of that type.

Another highly rated model is the Craftsman æ HP Chain Drive 54990. Coming from Craftsman, a well regarded brand of a great many home improvement products, this particular garage door opener employs a power 3/4ths horse power motor to lift nearly any garage door, no matter its shape or size. The system can lift doors up to 550 pounds, which should cover most conventional garage doors in modern houses and other buildings, be they made of solid wood or something more or ornate, as well as ordinary sectioned metal doors.

This model has little connectivity with most home automation systems and among other downsides, can not be opened via a smart phone app. However, the system does include a great many other security features that make up for this dismal connectivity. A rolling code system makes it difficult for intruders to crack your doorís code by constantly changing an encrypted code, which will lock out all but the most technologically savvy intruders. Perhaps more importantly, the system features a lock mode, which allows the user to shut off the remote openerís functionality from the control panel if the remote is ever lost or stolen and forces uses to use the keyless entry system, which is considerably harder for intruders to unlock quickly enough not to be noticed.

Another safety feature of this opener is an infrared beam that is set at the bottom of the garage door. If anything breaks that beam, ranging from a piece of debris to a small child, the door will automatically stop moving so as to prevent whatever is breaking the beam from being crushed by the door. For those with children and animals in their homes, this safety feature can be priceless.