simonAegroHello there it’s Simon again. I am brave enough to call myself a petrol head without any guilt or shame. I don’t care about my fitness, I don’t care about my future. As long as my car is the fastest ride in town. As long as I can cruise around and everyone’s turning their heads. I’m a happy man.

It may sound as weird. And I don’t want to come across as weird. I just love it. And I don’t like anything else to be honest. I was horrible at school. I used to hate math, hate literature, hate biology and so on and so on. My whole life was revolving around petrol. Huge American engines. And I think I am a very happy man. Because these days I spend all my time in garages, dealing with totally spectacular vehicles.

And you know why? Because I never gave up. Everyone around me used to tell me that I will never make a decent living if I won’t get a degree in that, degree in that etc. No ! This is bullshit. Follow your dreams. Do it with all your heart, and you will go places and do things.

This blog is about my cars. My garages. My Daily life, and my adventures that are soaked with petrol. Wrum wrum. Can you feel it?